​Financial Statements

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  • For this week’s collaborative activity, you will review Apple Inc.’s most recent financial statements. Click here to view Apple’s financial information.
  • Based on your analysis of Apple’s most recent financial statements, predict whether Apple’s financial health will likely improve or deteriorate over the next five (5) years. Provide a rationale for your response.
  • Please respond to peer posting that follows: Based on the recent financial statements of Apple, I predict that Apple’s finances will definitely improve over the next five years. Judging from the reports in the past two years, Apple’s revenue has went from about 34 billion to approximately 50 billion meaning they are sustainging incredibly. They have made great profit in service and have a extremely great loyal customer base. In addition to the many new apple services and products to come they show that they can sustain any compeition and have no intentions on stopping business. So I defintiely see them lasting over the next five years.

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