Case study about Richard Branson

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Case Studies (You must use APA Format.)

–1.Read the case carefully and determine the key factors of the case.For example, is the case mostly affected by the organizational culture, the leader, the followers, the economy, advertising, ethics, company policy, legal concerns, training deficiencies, etc?

–2.If there are no “real” companies/individuals, look up information pertaining to the topic(s) addressed in the case from EBSCO, Hoover’s and other DCCC Library resources.Make sure you run off the material to refer to for your summary and for your group work in class.

—3.Read the case again in light of the information you have found and try to start forming some critical thinking components that apply to this case.The points discussed in class are only suggested ideas.

(2 solid pages– not more than 4) and the team summary should be at least 10 bullet points.Your cover page and works cited page do not count toward the two pages.

—4.Write a summary of the case as you see it—do not parrot back the information that is in the case without reflecting on your found data and critical thinking components.Support all decisions with information from EBSCO articles attached to the end of your summary as well as properly citing information.

The summary should be typewritten (using one-inch side, top and bottom margins) in Times New Roman 12 point font.The case content should be typewritten with five-space paragraph indentions and double spacing. (Do not triple or quadruple space between paragraphs.)

The summary should have a cover page with the case name, your name, class, and date.Attach your works cited at the end of the summary.Make sure that you attach all of your printed articles (all of which should be from EBSCO).

Make sure you come to class with your 10 talking points from your summary.You will use this material to refer to for your group work in class.Attach at least three articles of 3-10 pages that you used for your summary from EBSCO (Make sure you use U.S. articles only!)

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