CJ 675 7-1 Final Project Milestone Two: Second Draft of Final Project

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this module, you will meet these learning objectives:

  • Analyze data that informs decision-making process
  • Identify threats to reduce invalid research

Module at a Glance

This is the recommended plan for completing the reading assignments and activities within the module. Additional information can be found in the module Reading and Resources section and in the task list.

  • Continue making notes about items to be included in your final project.
  • Complete the assigned textbook reading.
  • Review the Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric document before completing the second draft of your final project.
  • Review the Criminal Justice Research Guide if you have questions regarding research.
  • Review the APA Style guide if you have questions regarding APA citation.
  • Review the APA Literature Guide if you have questions regarding literature research.

Reading and Resources

Required Resources

Textbook: The Practice of Research in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chapter 3
Are you able to identify protections that are set in place for human subjects involved in research experiments? What are the ethical guidelines criminal justice professionals use within the field to promote transparency and protect the validity of the results?

Additional Support (Optional)

Websites: SNHU Library Guides
Review these resources as necessary:

Module Six focused on various data collection methods and the effect those methods have on our decisions. In Module Seven, you will review research ethics and methods to ensure research validity.

Once data is collected using one of the methods described in Module Six, a criminal justice professional analyzes the data, which ultimately produces the findings. Whether those findings are valid depends heavily on reducing threats. Some threats to valid research are outlined below.

  • Researcher bias is apparent when researchers directly influence the sample to produce the findings they find favorable.
  • Improper sampling occurs when the sample is not actually representative of the larger population.
  • Dishonesty can occur within the research experiment.
  • Skewed measurement techniques are techniques that measure a sample inaccurately.
  • Improper disclosure is dishonesty in the researcher-subject relationship, which could result in the subjects being (physiologically or physically) harmed.
  • Extraneous and temporal effects are effects that weigh heavily on the results of research but are oddities and not the norm.

The threats above may be unconscious acts that can be avoided by using the proper sampling and data collection methods discussed in these modules.


For this milestone, you will prepare your final project’s second draft, which will include the Proposal and Communication Plan sections. Your instructor will provide feedback that will be incorporated into your final project, which you will submit in Module Nine.

Complete the assigned textbook reading before submitting this milestone.

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