Writing essay base on the outline

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Article Critiques I & II

The process of writing an article critique is designed to improve and test your ability to critically analyze an empirical research study. Clearly, the better written an article is, the more likely it is to be accepted by the intended audience; however, research has varying degrees of quality.This assignment will enhance your overall outlining skills. It will increase your ability to read professional writing, recognize valid research and understand the results, and it will aid you in identifying weaknesses in research and writing. Learning to recognize flaws in grammar and logic will improve your ability to recognize those flaws in your own writing.In addition, the assignment requires you to utilize your skills in using the Internet to locate a scholarly article.

Please read the example form below and use outline 1 and 2 to do Article Critique 1&2 essay !! All in APA format and about 3 to 4 pages !! Thanks

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