NUTR&101 Worksheet

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Week 7 Discussion

First, read though this case study on osteoporosis. Then, answer the questions that are assigned to you (see below for assignments). Once you post your answer, the discussion board will open up for you.

Case Study – osteoporosis.pdfActions

By Wednesday post responses to your assigned questions (9 points).

All question assignments pertain to Group 2 (we are not going to address Marissa or Elenor. We are addressing the case study regarding Jeremy.

Last names starting with A-F: Questions 1-4

Last names starting with G-L: Question 5

Last names starting with M-R: Questions 6-7

Last names starting with S-Z: Questions 8-9.

Everyone also answer this question:

  • How will Jeremy’s activities have an impact on his chances (if any) of developing osteoporosis (What are any potential risks or benefits of Jeremy’s behavior related to osteoporosis)?

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