1 powerpoint slide on competency of Communication and Relationship Building

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Assignment : American Organization of Nurse Leaders (AONL) Nurse Executive Competencies (Communication and Relationship Building)

This course focuses on the financial environments of healthcare systems and how they pertain to today’s professional nursing roles in leadership. This assignment is to show case the scholarly concepts learned from each of these content areas using Power Point. Please remember, this is not a reflective presentation (“I, we, me”), but a scholarly assessment of the learned concepts of the course. Groups will be assigned one of the AONL Nurse Executive Competencies. Each group must select three sub-categories within their assigned competency and present to the class. All students are required to be present throughout all presentations.

Assignment Criteria:


I need one slide on:

  • Discuss the specifics of the three subcategories selected and why they are important
    • effective communication
    • diversity
    • relationship management

    please use short bullet points on the slide and elaborate in a speaker notes

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