corporate communication COMPANY/CASE ANALYSIS

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Company/Case Analysis
Your assignment is to dive into a company you have chosen to follow. This is your first step toward becoming an authority on the organization. Use multiple sources to begin to learn more about your organization: company Website, Google, blogs, social media, Lexis-Nexis (or any other news gathering service). Do not cut-and-paste sections of text from the company’s website.
Tell us the following:
1.Write a one-paragraph summary of the company in your own words.
2.Present ten important facts about the company (bulleted).
3.What is the company’s current share price? If it is not a public company how are they financed?
4.Who is the CEO? Who is the CCO (or whomever appears to be the senior public relations/communications executive)?
5.Visit the company’s online press center. (Might be referred to as “media center” or “press center” or “news” or something else.) Share your impressions of the site in two thoughtful paragraphs.
6.List three of the company’s major competitors. How does “your company’s” performance over the past year compare to these competitors?
7.List the sources you’ve consulted to gather this information.

Maximum 3 pages. 1.5 line spaced

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