Create a hypothetical scenario of someone who needs an insurance plan , get 2 insurance plans . Talk about their benifits and see ehich is better for the person

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ASSIGNMENT 2 – Comparison of Insurance Plans

Due for Presentation: 18th February, 2020.

Step 1: Provide a profile of an individual/family. Include his age, socio-economic background including income, education, location and specific health needs.

Also, specify the individual’s use of healthcare services including inpatient, outpatient, drug use for the year.

Step 2: Present the two insurance policies. Compare and contrast the health benefits and the associated cost sharing. [Include information on premiums (if available), deductible, and other out-of-pocket expenses].

Step 3: Evaluate the plans and recommend a more suitable plan for the individual based on the following factors:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Risk
  • Suitability for their health needs.

Step 4: Separately provide the calculation of the total out-of-pocket expenses based on the person’s utilization of healthcare services for the benefit period. Provide information on the

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