peer review for the case

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to review the project which be viewed as a consulting report for the company’s senior management

the review should follow


Provide constructive, text-specific, actionable comments for the authoring team to use in revising their paper. Two overriding considerations:

  • Did the team thoroughly research and analyze the module topic or was it a superficial analysis?
  • Did the group present a lot of nonessential information?


Identify any issues where the submission inaccurately or incompletely addresses this week’s submission requirements. Note if this week’s frameworks are correctly or incorrectly applied. Ask for additional insight or commentary that you would find useful in evaluating this company.


Note where the material is ordered in a way that was logical and easy to follow. Identify any instances that are unclear. Are there subheadings used to clarify the sections of the text?


Does the submission cite sources adequately and appropriately? Note any incorrect formatting. Were all the citations listed in the text and in an appended references section? Note any discrepancies.


Note any grammatical or spelling problems. Point out any lack of clarity in paragraphs and sentences.

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