discussion about Black Panther and wonder woman

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QUESTION: How might you draw some connections between main themes in the Wonder Woman film and that of Black Panther—good examples might include (but are not limited to): consider the ideas of Wonder Woman not revealing her “secret,” and the question posed by the child in the opening storytelling scene in Black Panther: “do we still hide?” More specifically, you might consider the scene in the Sambisa Forest, when Nakia says to the civilians she rescues, “you will speak nothing of this day.” Another good possibility would be to discuss the revered women warriors and leaders in Black Panther, including discussion of specific scenes.

500-600 words

responses are your own interpretations and should be in your own voice—and
only use sources already provided in the course. Responses do not necessarily
need to “answer” every part of the selected prompt; rather, use the prompt to
generate your response and take a direction for discussion. Posts must be
thoughtful, organized, and critically pointed toward the prompt, offering a
reading of a specific detail, scene, or idea in the film/question—that is, go
beyond basic summary or overview: the scope should reflect the kinds of ideas
you might use in a supporting paragraph in a longer essay.

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