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Clients who have experienced some kind of cardiopulmonary event most times require some type of nonacute or post-discharge care. Many cardiopulmonary conditions result in deficits and oftentimes require non-acute resources to cope or to live an optimal life after discharge from an acute care setting.

Non-acute Resources:

Medication- Clients may need financial assistance to fill prescriptions and must be educated on how to avoid running out of medications.

Durable medical equipment- Clients being discharged may require equipment to aid breathing such as supplemental oxygen, CPAP machine, and walking aids example canes, walkers.

Transportation- Clients are expected to keep up with appointments or visit the pharmacy after discharged and may experience challenges commuting. The client may need the assistance of relatives to drive them to appointments.

Living Condition- Clients with cardiopulmonary conditions result in increase oxygen demand which is needed for energy to carry out daily activities. Elderly clients are also affected and will need suitable equipment or adjustment to living conditions for example ramps to walk upstairs, grab bars in bathrooms, commode, may need to arrange to live on the ground floor instead of walking upstairs. If a client lives alone may need a live-in caregiver or be moved to a nursing home where they can be supervised and receive assistance with care.

Cardiac Rehab- Clients learn how to manage self post-cardiac conditions with the help of care providers.

Pulmonary Rehab- This helps clients regain lung function and be able to manage to breathe in a controlled environment.

Return to work Conditions- Clients who are ill have a lot to deal with, some persons are home on sick days and do not receive compensation while being home. Some persons returning to work may not be able to return to previous work conditions, for example, working in a dusty environment or work that demands high energy functioning.

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