9-1 Final Project Submission: Presentation

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Everything that is needed is attached, please follow the rubric as well as feedback. All powerpoints attached as well as feedback information for each. It is really important that everything is followed thoroughly. Do not do a voice over just the notes please and thank you. Again please follow all instructions from the rubric thoroughly as well as read all powerpoints and feedback provided for each for the final project.



In this assignment, you will finalize and submit your final project.

Before you begin this assignment, review the Final Project Guidelines and Rubric document. Collect your milestone assignments and feedback from those assignments. You will revise these milestone assignments into one presentation. You will also need to create the conclusion portion of your presentation. As you create your conclusion, consider the following questions:

  • Professional Role: What does this court case illustrate about the role of criminal justice professionals and the operation of the criminal justice court system?
  • Systemic Reforms: Based on your analysis of the controversial court case, explain whether larger, systemic reforms of the criminal justice system and the criminal justice profession are necessary, and what such reforms may be. What evidence do you have to support your conclusions?

I want to encourage you as you complete your Final Milestone Projects. Please review the following reminders and recommendations so that you can be successful.

1) Students are expected to include the previous instructor feedback into their Final Milestone. This includes coverage of critical elements in a clear and concise manner along with appropriate in-text citations.

2) Your presentation should have 12–15 slides. This is adequate for you to cover the required content. While you may need to include additional slides (based on your case), your Milestone should not contain an excessive amount of slides (i.e. 20+ slides).

3) Please include speaker notes OR a transcript: NOT BOTH. If you include both, speaker notes will be graded.

4) Audio recording or video is NOT a requirement, although it is highly recommended.

5) In order to help you focus on the critical elements, please use the headings provided in the Final Milestone Rubric. See below.

Introduction: Overview of Case
Introduction: Selection of Case
Background: Facts
Background: Timeline
Background: Verdict
Background: Type of Court
Background: Similarities
Background: Difference
Causes: Media Coverage
Causes: Fairness
Reaction: Reaction Explanation
Reaction: Reaction Defense
Reaction: Alternatives Explanation
Reaction: Alternatives Defense
Conclusion: Professional Role
Conclusion: Systemic Reform

6) Please put all critical content on your primary slides. Please do not place required content in your speaker notes or transcripts.

7) Speaker Notes and Transcripts should not be excessive in length. They are supplemental and should be concise. If you provide excessive speaker notes or transcript content, you may be asked to resubmit.

8) Please begin with a clear conclusion, position or statement for each critical element. Introductory paragraphs and overviews should be omitted.

9) Please do not restate the same content throughout each slide. The Milestone is designed to cover distinct content. If you find yourself repeating the same content, you are probably not focusing on the required content or you may be discussing off-topic information.

10) Your presentation is designed to assess your ability to communicate effectively, provide clear and accurate content, compare and contrast issues, assess the equality of the judicial process, defend your position with evidence and evaluate roles of criminal justice professionals.

Lastly, students must use current APA style guidelines for your citations and reference list.

In order for you to be successful, I recommend that you thoroughly review the grading rubric, the instructor feedback and consolidate your content to focus on the critical elements with appropriate citations.

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