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In a single, coherent sentence:

identify the article (title and author)

include a rhetorically accurate verb (examples: assert, argue, deny, prove, disprove, explain) and

a that clause containing the major claim (or thesis) of the work

Step Two: In three to five coherent sentences, explain how the author develops and supports their major claim or thesis. Assume your reader has not read the article. Follow the order of the original argument. Use transitional phrases to move smoothly from one idea to another, and remember to include signal phrases for every sentence.

Please note: If you just paraphrase sentences/ or paragraphs from the essay you will fail the assignment.

Step Three: In one to two coherent sentence(s), give a statement of the author’s purpose followed by an in order to phrase.

Step Four: In one to two coherent sentence(s), describe the author’s intended audience. Provide concrete and specific evidence to support your conclusion. Your logic must make sense givien the setting and context of the article.

Step Five: Copy the works cited entry for your article provided on page one of the assignment guidelines.

250 words

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