Descriptive Paragraph

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Outdoor Experience Description – Detail a real or imaginary
experience walking through an outdoor event or activity, such as a zoo,
open-air market, festival, etc.

You only need to develop one paragraph for this assignment, but it
should include many sensory details and directional transitions. Start
with a topic sentence, which will also serve as the thesis statement,
that explains the exhibition you are experiencing as well as mentions
how the adventure ignites your senses. In the sentences following,
describe your journey. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Smell? Taste? Where
are these experiences located (directional transitions)? To the right?
Just above? The reader should be able to build the environment around
you and take part in the sensory experience you illustrate as he or she
reads along, so be as descriptive as necessary, touching upon all five
senses within the body paragraph. Finally, complete your paragraph with
a concluding sentence that summarizes your outing, and make sure it has
a point! In other words, what did you take away from this excursion?

Sample thesis statement: As I walk toward the Brookfield Zoo
entrance gate for my first zoo experience, I notice a flurry of lively
activity in front of me, so on my way to the gorilla den, I can feel my
excitement building, and as I get closer, the sounds and smells
strengthen, making the chill of my cold beverage much more apparent; I
hope I am ready for this.


· You can use either past or present tense verbs to describe
your experience in this assignment, but avoid unnecessary tense shifts.

· In addition to directional transitions, be sure to use
standard transitions between sentences where applicable so that your
ideas are fluid from start to finish.


Header: Include a header in the upper
left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the following information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Course Title (Composition I)
  • Assignment name (Descriptive Paragraph)
  • Current Date

Page Layout:

  • MLA style documentation (please
    see the tutorial in the course topic)
  • Last name and page number in
    upper-right corner of each page
  • Double-spacing throughout
  • Title, centered after heading
  • Standard font (Times New Roman or
  • 1″ margins on all sides
  • Save the file as .docx or
    .doc format

Length: This assignment should be at
least 15 sentences in a single paragraph.

Underline your thesis statement.

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