Discussion #4: Sharpen your career skills

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Twitter For Job Search

Sharpen Your Career Skills Online:

Click Bovée and Thill’s Business Communication Web Search, at

www.websearch.businesscommunicationnetwork.com (Links to an external site.)

    • This is a unique research tool designed specifically for business communication research.
    • Use the Web Search function to find a website, video, article, podcast, or presentation that offers advice on successful interviewing techniques.

Instruction: Write a brief email discussion (Minimum of 300 words), describing the item that you found and summarizing the career skills information you learned from it.

For example:

Step 1: Enter Search Query. Job Interview

Step 2: Select Search Target. Video

Step 3: Describe what you have found and summarize the information you’ve learned…

Other keywords: Business resume in File type, Direct vs Indirect communication, Cultural differences in Business Communication, etc.…

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