Your Soft Skills

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Communication skills are learned over time through interactions with others. In this course, you have had several opportunities to learn about yourself and others. This course has offered a general Communication Skills Assessment, a Listening Skills Assessment, an Emotional Intelligence Assessment, and a Conflict Management Assessment. Each assessment provided you with results on strengths and opportunities for improvement.

In this Discussion, you will examine those four assessments as you bring it all together and consider how they relate to your current and/or future communication goals.

To prepare for this Discussion:

  • Read the Communication Program Discussion Guidelines.
  • Take the Soft Skill Conflict Style Assessment.
  • Review the previous assessments you have taken in this course for soft skills. This includes the Week 1 Interpersonal Communication Skills Assessment, the Week 4 Listening Skill Assessment, and the Week 4 Emotional Intelligence Assessment.
  • Think about the skills you scored well on and those on which you could use improvement.

By Day 4

Post a response that addresses the following:

  1. Describe two soft skills on which you have room for improvement.
  2. Tell us how you plan to develop each of the skills that you chose.
  3. Explain how each of your chosen skills will help you in either your personal or professional life?

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