two essays Who was John Collier 300 word essay /300 word essay on the debate of sports mascots

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Part 1 essay

Who was John Collier, and what role did he play in creating a ”New Deal” for Native People? Describe the Indian Reorganization Act or “Indian New Deal”? In what ways was it a departure from previous policy? How did it change thinking about the place of Indians in American society? How did it influence subsequent policies towards Native Americans?

Further reading : Collier, John, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Johnson-O’Malley Act and Indian New Deal

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Part 2 essay 300 word min

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As Loriene Roy asked : “Is retaining American Indians as sports mascots a sign of respect or clear racism?”
Should the use of Native American-themed mascots be banned? Why or Why Not?

Your essay answer should be 300 words minimum and correct references.

Mascot aftermath-case-study(1).docx

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