My paper is on Benjamin Bannker

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The paper will be a 5-page essay covering a person, place or event covered during US History from its earliest beginnings to 1877. Inregards to the paper format, I prefer either APA or MLA. Your paper is 5-pages, which does not include your cover page and bibliography. Your Microsoft Power Point Project will be along the same lines as your paper (i.e. covering a person, place, or event), but MUST be a different topic than your paper. It will need to be at least 10 slides minimum (exclusive of your cover slide and bibliography.

Essay Writing

I) Introduction

A) Write a complete thesis B)The thesis can be written by restating the question in paragraph form

II)Body (These three parts are essential every time you answer the questions)

A) Name your answer or the topic you will discuss

B) Explain your answer. Define any new terms. Write as if you are explaining your answer to someone

who knows nothing about the subject.

C) Use a specific example from our class notes to prove that your answer and is correct and to clarify your explanation.

III) Conclusion

A) Briefly explain how your essay addressed your thesis.

B) Briefly discuss an original idea or opinion (a conclusion) that can be drawn from the information in your essay. (Here are two possible ways that you can do this)

1) Compare the points that you made in your essay (what is most or least important, etc.).

2) Compare the historical event in your essay to something that is happening today.

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