Frankenstein, Chapters 9-16 discussion

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these are two discussions below, please respond to each of them with 100 words, and 1 quote.

Discussion 1: (My main impression of the meeting with the creature is that Victor will fear the creature and automatically believe he will fight for his life. It’s that automatic assumption that the creature would do something to harm Victor because of his appearance. When the creature spies on the DeLaceys family so he could learn the language it shows the ability and aspiration to learn the human language. So it’s easier for him to communicate with Victor mostly, so he could get the opportunity to share his story without frightening them. At the beginning of volume 1, I portrayed the creature as a harmful thing that could possibly destruct at any moment that the creature is messed with. Volume II showed me more of the human-like qualities he shows. The willingness to learn to fit in shows that the creature is learning how to adapt to others. But for Victor, he is tremendously scared of the creature and his abilities to adapt to human-like qualities and the possible chance of the creature causing more havoc. My feelings for the creature has drastically changed I could almost see the warmness coming into the creature almost as if the creature feels some sort of enlightenment. But with Victor on the other had its almost as if he lost his mind. He is in some sort going mad and has zero trains of thought with things anymore. He starts hallucinating as if the creature is with him in times he’s alone or with Elizabeth.)

discussion 2: (It was evident that upon meeting again with his creation Dr. Frankenstein held resentment and hatred towards his creation, which is why he refused to speak let alone hear the creature’s pleas for him to hear his story. The same could be said about the creature who I felt that throughout this story was just simply misunderstood. As the creature told his story about what he endured after Frankenstein had abandoned him, we see his side of the story and how things spiraled. We learn how little by little he came to learn more human like things. For example, “I found a fire which had been left by some wandering beggars, and was overcome with delight at the warmth…” or “They elevated me from all littleness of feeling, and although they did not remove my grief, they subdued and tranquilized it…” I think these two scenes show how his human like qualities as we see that he starts to learn how to feel comforted by simple things such as a fire or nature. Overall, I believe the scene where he’s just observing the De Lacey family we can see how he begins to feel for them, for example the love of a family he should have experienced he replaces through observing them making sure they don’t become aware of him. From the beginning I felt sorry for the creature and still did seeing as how he had to learn human emotions such as love or comfort through observing a family.)

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