Book critique (Ethnic studies)

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You are to provide a 3-4 page (Typed, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, Double-spaced) critique including your opinion in the conclusion section.

  • Introduction 1 page
  • Literature review 2 pages
  • Theoretical framework 1 page (if any were used)
  • Methodology 1 page

Significance to the field (1-2 paragraphs) (Your opinion based upon the reading

also these questions might helps too :

  • The author discusses linguistic capital and the way students were using by translating poetry from Spanish into English and writing music lyrics. Think back to your childhood education, did your teachers use linguistic capital, if so how?
  • What are some examples of capital that you have personally experienced in your experiences with language, literacy and/or school?
  • What are some pro’s and/or cons of living as a transfronterizx (living in between two worlds)? How do you think this affects transfronterizx student’s education?
  • Depending on where you are at and who you are with, does your use of language change or does it always stay the same? In what ways do you adapt your language to the social setting you are in? Why so?
  • Why do you think the one-way and two-way immersion programs work better than the other bilingual programs?
  • From the narratives of the transfronterizx students, which one did you find most impactful and why?

I will attach the book with the attachments ( please read from intro to ch 5 )

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