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There are a bevy of popular opinions when it comes to human behavior and psychology. As you learned in Module 1, a scientific attitude requires that we use curiosity, skepticism, and humility when we are faced with psychological questions. Said differently, a scientific approach to psychology requires critical thinking. For this discussion board post, you are to choose two of the popular opinions below: one concerning the brain and the other concerning consciousness. Pick opinions that you find personally intriguing, or maybe even ones that you have heard or thought!

Using what you have learned through course material (text, video content, online lab content) and/or (optional) bringing in outside sources you have read or find, write a post defending your position on the scientific merit of the opinions (“based on what you have learned and read, is this opinion fact, fiction, or somewhere in between. What is your evidence?”)

Initial post length: 100-200 words

After the initial posts, you will then respond to at least TWO posts by other students. If you agree with their perspective, tell them why (again, what evidence do you have that maybe they missed to support this). If you disagree with their perspective, tell them why (use evidence when possible). I also encourage you to ask further questions of your classmates in your replies!

Again, choose one from each of the two areas below:

Brain Power

  • Most people only use 10% of their brain power
  • Some people are left-brained, others are right-brained
  • Humans have five senses
  • Adult humans don’t grow new neurons

Altered States

  • Researchers have demonstrated that dreams possess symbolic meaning
  • Alcohol promotes sleep
  • There’s good evidence that people who smoke marijuana for many years end up apathetic
  • Individuals can learn information, like new languages, while asleep

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