​Museum Visit Project

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Museum Visit Project

Project Description:

For this assignment, you will visit an art museum and write a report about your experience. The internet has made seeing unique and priceless works of art instantly accessible, but nothing really compares to seeing it in person. Images in a textbook or on your laptop screen just don’t do the real thing any justice. You will write about three works of art that you see at the museum that somehow relate to something that we “discussed” in class. So, the works of art that you choose must be from Western culture (Europe, America) and from the time periods covered in class (1300-present). You will compare them to specific works of art from our class, discuss their similarities and differences, and offer an explanation of the historical context of each work. This assignment is to see how much you have been able to absorb from our class, and even though it is presented in the first module, it is not due until the last week of class. Please look at your calendars and plan your trip now!*

Project Requirements:

  • Visit a local museum, a photo of your ticket is required as proof of attendance. If you don’t have a ticket (you go on a free day, the museum doesn’t give actual tickets, etc…) then a selfie of you in the lobby will be fine.
  • Discuss three works of art from the museum that compare to three works from our course. Identify all works of art (that you see in person, and the ones you are referencing from our class) by the artist’s name, title, and date it was created. Perform a visual analysis with a full description of subject and style.
  • Discuss the experience of seeing each work in person. Were you able to identify the work as belonging to a certain period before reading the label? Why did each specific work catch your eye?
  • Provide a historical analysis for each work of art. What was going on at that time and place that would have impacted each composition?
  • Conclude your paper with a discussion of how seeing works of art in person has impacted your appreciated and understanding of art and its history.

Formatting Guidelines:

  • 4-6 pages. This means 4 FULL pages! This should be very easy to do with an introductory paragraph, a full analysis of three works of art, and concluding paragraph.
  • MLA Format (Times new Roman font, double-spaced, correct header, etc…) If you are unfamiliar with MLA formatting, a link to the Purdue University Online Writing Lab is provided here (Links to an external site.).
  • Include images of all works discussed in your paper (so 6 minimum. Just paste them into the end of your document with the identifying information – artist’s name, title, date, medium – just like how our textbook includes information underneath each image).
  • Works cited page. You do not necessarily need to use any source other than our textbook, or other class sources like YouTube or Smart history videos, but be sure to credit any source when necessary.
  • Proof of Attendance. A photo of your ticket or your #museumselfie must be included. Papers without a ticket will receive a score of 0!


Museum that was chosen is the following:

These are the 3 three works of art from the museum that compare to three works from the course


1. Francisco de Zurbaran (Spanish, 1598-1664) –

Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose, 1633 – Oil on canvas


2. Jacopo Palma, called Palma Vcchio (Italian, 1480-1528) –

Venus and Cupid in a Landscape, c. 1515 – Oil on cavas


3. Guariento di Arpo (Italian,c 1310-c,1370) –

Coronation of the Virgin Altarpiece, 1344 – Tempera and gold leaf on panel


This is also the class book if you need it.

Gardner’s Art through the Ages: The Western Perspective, Volume II

https://docdro.id/g9Q6dpe – or – https://www.scribd.com/document/439724534/Art-Through-the-Age


Please and Thank You.


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