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Assignment Description

 Balancing Loyalty and Accountability

 Sunday 3/6/2016

800-1,000 words

Library Research Assignment

Under the IRS tax code, there are many tax laws for which you will need to be in compliance with as a tax preparer.

You are training an intern and must explain to her a tax preparer’s professional responsibilities with respect to the following:

  • PTIN
  • E-filing
  • Maintaining clients’ tax records
  • Earned Income credit due diligence, including the types of inquiries you will need to make of the taxpayer to determine his or her eligibility
  • At least 2 in-text citations and references in APA style

Prepare a response to discuss your thoughts on the implications of e-filing tax documents.

  • What might motivate the average taxpayer to cheat on their taxes? Do you think tax software makes cheating easier? (Support your response.)
  • Is it easier or harder to file fraudulent taxes (provide examples)?
  • With your experience in this course, what do you see as the most difficult components for individual preparers to understand about filing taxes?

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