Foundations of Business Analysis – Methodology

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For this assignment, you will provide a presentation per the attached slide guide. This presentation will distinguish best practices in how the specific project approach/topic influences and informs business analysis work and to also share good practices in business analysis when completing business analysis work in a project following this approach. Select one of the approaches:

Topics/ Approaches include:

  • Predictive (Waterfall)
  • Adaptive (Agile)
  • • Incremental/Iterative

  • Hybrid
  • Other approach of your choice (please check with instructor for approval)
  • Slide Guide:
    Slide 1 – Overview of your selected approach
    Slide 2 – Influence of this approach on how business analysis work is done
    Slide 3 – Good practices in business analysis when following this approach
    Slide 4 – Challenges in the project/business analysis when following this approach and how to address
    Slide 5 – How this approach would work in our term project and insights/considerations in the BA approach for success Slide 6 – References (be sure to also site any references in the slide)(I attached the term project)
  • Make sure the similarity is less than 10%, apa format, please complete within the specified time.
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