Discussion on the HITECH Act. (10-15 sentences)

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First, please view this video on the HITECH Act of 2009

Next, please read the attached PDF article titled “Benefits and drawbacks of electronic health record systems”.

Finally, address each of following discussion prompts in 2-3 sentences. (10-15 sentences total)

  • The HITECH Act was a part of larger act that was passed in 2009. What was the name of that larger act? (Hint: it is also known as the “Stimulus Package”)
  • What did the HITECH Act do? Did it work?
  • What does “Meaningful Use” mean?
  • Is it fair to penalize doctors for not switching over to electronic health records (EHR)?
  • When the HITECH Act was passed in 2009, what were thought to be some of disadvantages associated with EHR adoption?

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