Data Definitions, CSR, LAG, SIZE, ROA, BIG4

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Please read the instructions on the excel spreadsheet. 65 companies data

Use the data in the spreadsheet (columns J to N to run the following tests: You

should include all of your answers in one file and submit it to

Blackboard. Your name should be in the filename and on the top of first


The spreadsheet has 10-K report and financial data for a sample of semiconductor firms for fiscal year 2016.

Data Definitions: CSR= Corporate social responsibility reporting, CSR=1 if disclosing; 0 otherwise LAG = number of days between 10-K filing date and fiscal year-end date SIZE = natural log of total assets ROA = earnings divided by total assets Big4 = 1 for Big4 auditor; 0 otherwise

Requirement 1 State the nul and alternative hypotheses that the means of ROA and Size are different from zero.

Requirement 2 Use the data in the spreadsheet to test the hypotheses you stated in reqyirement 1.

Requirement 3 Run the correlation between the variables and comment on the relationships between the variables.

Requirement 4 Run a multivariate regression to examine if management decision to disclose CSR is a function of ROA, SIZE, BIG4 MODEL: CSR= A0 + A1(ROA) + A2(SIZE) + A3(BIG4) +e

Explain the results of the above model: a. direction Positive or negative b. whether the coefficient of every variable is statisticallt significant from zero. c. the overall explanationatory power of the model (R-squared)

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