Essay about Lean Six Sigma, please if you don’t know the concept of lean six sigma don’t do it.

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One of the reasons that Lean and Six Sigma techniques are used together is that they complement each other very well. Lean optimizes inter-process issues and Six Sigma optimizes intra-process issues giving a comprehensive improvement approach.

In order to implement these types of improvements, companies spent a great deal of time, effort and money on making these improvements. To justify this time, effort, and money there must be a benefit to the company.

For this assignment, students will provide an essay on how lean benefits are quantified and how six sigma benefits are quantified. You will submit 1-2 pages on lean and 1-2 pages on six sigma (Times NW, font 12, single space). Some actual cases from the organizations can be used as examples in your writing.

Even with the benefits that you identify and quantify, there are barriers/obstacles to implementing these improvements. Please provide an additional 1-2 paragraphs about the barriers that implementers may face in practice for LSS as a whole.

To help you with this assignment you can separate the benefits by technique (e.g. the benefits of 5S are _______, the benefits of poke-yoke are quantified by ______). Another helpful hint is that other professionals are already implementing these techniques and have the answers. You may contact someone directly and ask them or search through published literature on the topic. Please include a list of references (separate from the 1-2 pages) in APA format.

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