Research project

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Hi My name is Brian T. from Tilbourg University,

I got a research project from online… I am trying to edit it to fit what I want.. I would wish it edited and improved the grammar aspect.. I would also wish the other parts to be added. These parts have been indicated at the bottom…. Please read through whats written to understand better what is required.

I am assuming i havent paid yet, I had posted this question again and i had to seek a refund for not receiving an answer… Please Keep updating me and i will add more time if necessary. I will pay 130 usd at the end through the website tipping system… Just format it in APA but not cover page or headers is needed.

Incase of any question please ask.

I do not expect you complete in the 20 hrs set, but i will extend once i see your progress. I hope you can complete at least chapter 3 within the given time. Thank you

I kindly request that you do not bid if you feel you dont agree with the terms, kindly understand i will pay in the end…

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