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Need 400 words

1.What are the similarities and differences in terms of the operational challenges faced by global service organizations such as FedEx, Accenture, Amnesty International, and Red Crescent? Utilize their websites and other supporting sources on what the organizations do. 

2.  Need 300 words explain how it helps you stay knowledgeable of industry changes. Why is this important for your success in the workplace?  I will be opening a food business.

 National Restaurant Association
The restaurant and foodservice industry provides opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds
to achieve the American Dream. It’s an industry that touches every American’s life, where
careers are born and memories are made. We share your creative flair, your passion for serving
others and your pledge to the communities where you live, work and play. Membership with the
National Restaurant Association means that you have a strong partner invested in your success.

3. Need 400 words

Compare the approaches of two organizations in the same service sector, one choosing to operate through intermediaries, the other preferring to deal with end customers directly. What are the benefits and challenges of each approach?

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