Final paper. Kindly combine the 4 files. Make sure the paper makes sense. Make sure you revise on analysis 2 before combining all the files

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Final paper. You just have to combine the the attached document into on essay. But first make revisions on anlysis 2

The combination should be 4 to 5 pages

I will expect you to attach the revised Analysis 2 and the Final paper

Attached is the introduction, body which is analysis 1 and 2 and a conclusion. The final paper should consist of the intro which I attached below, a thesis which you need to add ,the body which will be analysis 1&2 and conclusion which I attached below. Combine them all to make The final paper.

Before you combine the all the 4 please make sure you revise on analysis 2. The professors comments are attached below.

Professors comment

here is a quick comment on Analysis 2.

I suggest you spend about an hour rewriting it in order to get the mark you deserve (basically, you should get an A).

Don’t worry – a new submission will override the old one on Blackboard.

Perhaps the format needs clarification. The type of support used by the writer is something for you to noice and to refer to if you want in the analysis.

The analysis itself, however, is one full paragraph per claim.

So you collect all the evidence the writer uses to develop or support a claim. Then you tell the reader whether the evidence is sufficient to support the claim, i.e. persuade the reader of the ‘correctness’ of her claim.

The criteria for sufficiency are several – you only use what is relevant. These include whether the evidence is enough, whether the sources – if any – are reliable; whether she uses a variety of evidence etc. You can also decide that her personal stories/enecdotes and observations are persuasive (or not).

Have a look again at the example of Analysis.2 on Blackboard, where you can find two examples. One example is text and the other a video.

Refer to Analysis 2 Learning Material tab on Blackboard and scroll down.

He had some concerns about analysis 2 ,he said the CPEEL was only used in the first paragraph, you forgot to use it in the second paragraph ,I guess he wasn’t pleased with the evidence so he gave me three to use (look into the instructions). Please note analysis 2-second paragraph is where you need to rewrite.


The purpose of Analysis 2 is to evaluate Spinks argument in its own terms , i.e. we analyse the support or evidence she provides for her claims. We will focus on how she supports the two claims above in her own article.

* * *

In Analysis 2, you use the same claims you used in Analysis 1.

Over the last two weeks, our in-class discussion focused on evaluating these two major claims:

1. Spinks claims that you achieve better results from coaching if you come to the coaching having had experience with a therapist or a degree of self-understanding or introspection.

2. Spinks claims that she did not know who was leading the coaching session, herself or her coach.

* * *

The major difference between Analyses 1 and 2 is that in Analysis 2 you do not look for sources outside the article. In other words, in Analysis 2 you focus only on the article, what Spinks herself writes.

Section 2

The first step in Analysis 2 is to identify the paragraphs where Spinks discusses each finding.

In which paragraphs does Spinks develop the ideas for her two major claims

(1) having previous experience as ‘necessary’ for the success of coaching sessions and

(2) a relationship akin to friendship whereby the coach and the coachee take turns in leading the coaching session?

We simply need to identify the paragraph numbers.

* * *

Remember that a claim may be developed over the several paragraphs.

These paragraphs are usually beside each other, but sometimes writers scatter their support for a particular claim

Section 3

The second step in Analysis 2 is to decide the type of support Spinks uses in the paragraphs you have identified.

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