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Directions: Please use your textbook to answer the discussion questions/prompt. The more details, critical thinking, and analysis you include to write your responses, the more points you will likely get. You are graded on the originality of your response, the depth, and analysis you provide. Please remember to cite your sources/page numbers in your responses. PLEASE Include at least 3 Key Terms from the chapters in your response (at least one key term per question, you could use more).

Online Discussion 4 Chapter 7 & 9

Chapter 7: Describe the ways that the relationship between the United States and Latin America changed during the nineteenth century?

Chapter 7&9:

According to the readings from Chapters 7 & 9, how would you describe populism? Provide a few examples that demonstrate how populism functioned in Latin America (e.g. did it happen in more than one country mentioned in the chapters? If so, which ones)…

textbook: Chasteen, John Charles. Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America: 4th Ed. Paperback ISBN: 9780393283051.

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