business model project

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You need to write at least 6 pages single space about our business model project by answering 10 questions, and 20 minute presentation followed by a 10 minute question answer.

Our business model project is that , (ride sharing app called SVSU wheels, that will allow all students in our university to use , which is if you download the app and sign up you could give other students a ride on your way for small amount of money for example $8 cheaper than Uber, other students who don’t have a car will use the app to get a ride, for example I live in other city and i have classes at 10 am, other students who lives on other city needs a ride will open the app and looks for a ride I open the app and see the cities i will go through if there’s any students whose needs a ride I could accept to take him in my way, any students could use the app to take a ride or left students, who invited the app, so me and my classmates will get a 25% of every ride price .

The presentation I upload explains more about our business model project, but you need to do new presentation meet the requirement, so the presentation i uploaded just to get the idea and the information about the business model project, you will find the questions and the instructions in the instructions file I uploaded.

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