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A general description
of your past academic experience ◦A description of your past experiences
specific to 100% online learning at an accredited institution. Please include
specific details regarding the use of information technology and the processes
used in the online classroom, the institutions attended, and courses taken
online ◦ A synopsis of your academic path, including degree plan along with the
course selections to fulfill degree requirements ◦ A synopsis of your career
goals, including a plan to apply the degree to a professional future ◦To the
extent possible, relate the discussion of your past experience to the learning
outcomes expected of a student who successfully completes COLL100 as listed
below. COLL100 Learning Outcomes After successfully completing this course, you
will be able to: 1.State the habits of a successful online student; (Knowledge)
2.Name major formatting and citation styles used in various programs;
(Knowledge) 3.Produce written assignments in accordance with APA standards; (Apply)
4.Describe personal learning and motivational styles or attributes and career
orientation traits that contribute to academic and career success;
(Comprehension) 5.Use ethical research strategies to locate, select, and
interpret digital information. (Apply)

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