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  1. Locate and review the SHRM web page “Metrics Calculators” via
  2. Download and review the resource “HR Metrics Standards & Glossary” via
  3. Download and read the article “HR Measurement and Metrics: Gaining a Seat at the Strategy Table” via
  4. Download and review the Process Value Analysis Form.docx file.
  5. Write an 800- to 1000-word paper guided by the following requirements:
    1. Introduction: Write a brief introduction to the paper.
    2. Article Summary: Provide a brief summary (one paragraph) of
      the Birkman (2008) article: “HR Measurement and Metrics: Gaining a
      Seat at the Strategy Table.”
    3. Process Value Analysis Form: Select a test problem in your
      organization (or an organization with which you are familiar) to
      conduct a process value analysis.  Complete the downloaded two-page
      process value analysis form, which is a copy of the form provided by
      Fitz-enz (2009) in Chapter 3 of the textbook.
      1. Be sure your responses on the form are clear, concise,
        complete, and correlated to your learning and the test problem you are
        analyzing. Ideally, the form should remain only two pages long when
      2. You can approach completing the process value analysis form in one of two ways:
        1. Current/Future-Oriented: For a current/future
          orientation, select as your test problem an issue that has come to your
          attention that needs fixing.  Therefore, you will address the first
          two sections of the process value analysis form – situation and
          intervention – from a present tense.  However, because you will
          probably not be able to actually implement your action plan in so
          short a time (depending upon its complexity), you will need to address
          the last two sections of the form – impact and value – in the future tense, using projected analysis.
        2. Past/Current-Oriented: For a past/current
          orientation, select as your test problem an issue that has already been
          addressed in your organization.  This orientation approach will
          require you to discuss the first two sections of the process value
          analysis form – situation and intervention – in the past tense.  Address the last two sections – impact and value – from a current perspective.
      3. Impact Using Metrics: For the second question in the
        Impact section of the Process Value Analysis form, identify what changes
        occurred. Include in your description of change, how that change was
        measured (i.e., the actual measurement or metric) as attributable to
        each process variable: cost, time, quantity, quality, and human
      4. Five Points for Adding Value: Fitz-enz (2009)
        identified five points for adding value: 1) setting requirements, 2)
        interference from outside the process, 3) the person performing the
        process, 4) feedback, and 5) the consequence.  Refer to the Summary in
        Chapter 3 of the textbook for a detailed explanation of each, or you
        may refer to the Background Information for this workshop activity.
      5. Detail which of the five points for adding value would
        likely be accomplished through the process value analysis you completed
        in 7.c. above.
      6. Be sure your response is evidence based and evidence informed.
    4. Two Means for Adding Value: Fitz-enz (2009) stated that
      value is added in at least one of two ways: by a person “improving his
      or her performance through training or other personal inputs [or by]
      leveraging the tools that were provided by the organization” (p. 103). 
      Explain which way is more evidenced in your process value analysis.
    5. Conclusion: Provide a brief conclusion.
    6. Use appropriate headings for each of the above lettered items in the paper.
    7. Include a cover page and a reference page in addition to the 800-1000 words required for the assignment.
    8. Attach the completed process value analysis form as an
      appendix to your paper.  Do not submit the process value analysis form

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