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In this module you saw the impact and issues related to emotions,
biases, and perceptions surrounding a negotiation. In your first course
project assignment, you devised a plan for Michelle so that she could be
prepared for her negotiation with her boss. Clearly, Michelle is upset
over having to switch shifts and consequently locate new or additional
daycare. At this point in the conflict, Nikki is aware of Michelle being
displeased with the shift change and knows that she wants to meet, but
is unaware of reasons behind it. Michelle devised the new schedule based
solely on seniority and nothing else. She thought that this was the
fairest way possible given that the policy change affected everyone’s
schedule. She does not want the situation with Michelle to snowball into
a bigger issue with overall dissatisfaction with the employees. Nikki
feels that there is a section of employees who should not receive the
preferential shifts because they are continuous problems in the
workplace (this is a true and documented statement) regardless of the
fact that they have worked at the call center longer.

For this section of the project, you will be identifying possible
emotions, biases, and perceptions for this dilemma. In a 2-3 page paper,
address the following:

  • Frame the issues from Michelle and Nikki’s perspectives (use an interest, rights, or power approach to framing the issues).
  • Biases hamper the negotiation process when parties come to the
    table with prejudgments about the other party. Put yourself into the
    shoes of both parties. Evaluate the biases that each party might have
    formed about the other party. Think about some of your workplace
    conflicts, what are some of the typical biases that arise when there is a
    dispute between a supervisor and a subordinate? Relate these biases to
    Michelle and Nikki’s situation.
  • Nikki knows that emotions are running high in the conflict with
    Michelle. From your readings this week and outside research, create a
    list of seven strategies that Nikki can use during her negotiation with
    Michelle for dealing with an opponent whose negative emotions are
    running high and explain how each tactic can be utilized in this
    situation. Ignoring the emotions is not an option.

In your paper, follow standard mechanics in grammar, punctuation, and
spelling. Provide proper APA cited research: in text and full

Below is the document that will assist with the assignment

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