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In the draft business plan that you submitted in Week 8, there were two place holders: the Executive Summary near the top of the paper and the Financial Statements, at the very end of the paper (don’t confuse this place holder with your Excel file).  

1.  Attached is an Executive Summary Format file.  The file includes the topics that must be addressed in the Executive Summary.  The Executive Summary should be very brief, between 1 – 2 pages maximum.  Please complete the Executive Summary format.  Please remember to be very brief in addressing each topic.  Then, replace (write over) the Executive Summary place holder near the top of your draft business plan paper with the Executive Summary information you completed in the Executive Summary format file.  In the Executive Summary, please be sure to address the Financial Projections, Return on Investment, and the Exit Plan as part of the Executive Summary. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE THESE ITEMS IN THE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AT THE END OF THE PLAN (I’ve had quite a few students do so in the past).

2.  At the end of the draft business plan paper, replace the Financial Statements place holder with a narrative summary of the key financial statements, which are the Income Statement, Cashflow, and the Balance Sheet.  BE SURE TO KEEP THE “Financial Statements” HEADING but write over the placeholder.  PLEASE DO NOT INSERT A TABLE, FIGURE, OR CHART.  Instead, just write a very short narrative that highlights the financial statements in such a way that investors or financial institutions would see your business concept as a tremendous opportunity.

Attached is the template, draft business plan, and financial statement.

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