Death of a Salesman (3-4 pages) (reference page separate)

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Assignment Instructions:

After reading Arthur Miller’s play Death of a Salesman, write a 3-4 page paper in

which you react or respond to the play. In other words, don’t just summarize the text; offer some kind of perspective or opinion about it. This perspective or opinion can take on a variety of forms, as exemplified by the following three prompts (you may choose one of the following three prompts, if you like, or you may develop your own central, controlling idea):

1. In what ways is this story timeless, and in what ways does it relate specifically to the time in which it was written? For this prompt, be certain to research the historical, social, and cultural time period in which the play was written, and in addition, consider how the play relates to the human experience more generally. 

2. Examine three of the play’s main characters. How are they different, how are they alike, and how does each relate to the play’s overarching themes? 

3. What is typically “American” about Miller’s play? What cultural attitudes and values displayed by the characters make it “feel” American? How does the theme relate to the American experience of the American Dream?

4. What is the overarching theme of the play, and how does Miller express that theme using the elements of drama (characterization, setting, staging, imagery, etc.)? .


Write a structured, organized essay with a clear thesis statement; paragraphs with unity, development, and coherence; an engaging introduction; and an effective conclusion that reiterates your main points. In other words, write a strong, detailed essay about the play. Revise and edit your paper thoroughly before turning it in.

Remember, also, to use quotes and otherwise reference the play, and be sure to cite any outside sources that you reference with both in-text citations and reference page citations. Failure to cite properly is considered plagiarism, a serious academic offense with severe penalties. Be sure to follow standard APA formatting, and remember the 3-4 page length

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