Recreate the problem in excel QM or Windows QM, LP4 Webinar Assessment and Notes help

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LP4 Webinar Assessment and Notes (please see files attached)


Pick one type of linear programming problem from one of the
three powerpoints ch 9,  

Chapter 9 – has a number of problems that can be used.
Transhipment, Assignment etc.

  1. Recreate the problem in excel QM or Windows QM. (prefer
    did not my example – if you use mine Seattle, Fix it – you need to create own
    data and scenario)

  2. Copy and paste your results and logic for how
    you did the problem, challenges (this should be 3-5 sentences).

  3. Provide an example of how you would use this type of linear programming method
    in your workplace/business, if you cannot think of something in your workplace,
    consider how it might be used in a workplace/business in general. (this should
    be a MINIMUM of 5 sentences – full credit will not be awarded if you have fewer
    than 5 sentences).

LP4 is a review of a number of linear programming problems.

Linear programming – assignment a mathematical equation to a
problem, you can loosely think of this almost as if it were a regression, with
an outcome variable and predictors

problems – How to in excel QM

Please see attached.

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