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Your company, IRTC
Manufacturing Enterprises, is upgrading its legacy billing system. The system
was installed originally ten years ago, and has been upgraded according to the
vendor’s schedule, each one taking 9-12 weeks in duration with a team of 2 full
time employees (FTE’s).

IRTC will be doing a major
upgrade for the new web-based version of the system, in addition to the
mainframe legacy system update. It is anticipated that this upgrade will take
16-20 weeks in duration; however, everyone has agreed that a more formal
scheduling process should be completed which may change the duration estimate.
The project will involve significant changes to existing business processes,
changes to existing jobs, as well as the creation of several new positions. Customers
will be able to view and pay their bills on-line, accessing a billing customer
service agent when needed. This change, which will affect both the billing and
customer service departments, is expected to reduce costs, improve customer
satisfaction, and reduce the number of days for outstanding accounts
receivable. The existing customer service staff has some proficiency with web
applications, but the billing staff does not.

To date, the Billing Department
has owned the applications, and the director of the department has been the
sponsor for all upgrade projects. For this upgrade, however, the chief
operations officer has indicated that the Customer Service Department also
needs to play a major role. It will be up to you to determine the project
sponsor and steering committee structure and participants. You will do this
during the initiation phase.

Effective communication is more than something that the
project manager must schedule. It is more like a means of doing business. The
project manager will not only need to communicate with his or her staff; he or
she will also need to communicate with his or her supervisors and with the
primary stakeholders to report back progress or obstacles. It can be argued
that the most important quality of a project manager is good communication
skills. Without effective communication, the project manager risks the
disintegration of the project rather than integration of the project.

Using what you know about your stakeholders, develop a
communication management plan for the IRTC project. This should identify the
project stakeholders who must be reached. For each group of stakeholders or
individuals, describe the communication mechanism, the frequency of
communication, the format, other parties involved, the initiator’s
responsibilities, and the recipients’ responsibilities. Explain your rationale
for your plan.

Assignment Guidelines:

APA format and Reference. Address the following in 1,250–13,00 words:

Use a Stakeholder Register to identify the project
stakeholders that must be engaged for the IRTC project.

For each group of stakeholders or individuals,

Describe the required communication mechanism.

Explain the necessary frequency of communication.

Explain the communication format.

Explain whether or not there are secondary stakeholders

Explain the responsibilities of both the initiator and

Summarize your final communication plan, and explain the
rationale behind it.

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