Mi familia powerpoint

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1. Using what you’ve learned in modules 1-3, create a presentation with a minimum of 7 slides + 1 title slide, in which you introduce your family and provide details about them. Suggestions for format include: Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, or Google Slides. As you design your presentation, keep the following requirements in mind:

Required Details

In each slide, include a member of your family along with the following details. Also remember to include a slide about yourself.

  • photograph
  • nombre
  • años
  • profesión / trabajo
  • descripcion

Required Vocabulary & Grammar

Include the following:

  • Vocabulary and grammar from lessons 1, 2, & 3. Avoid using vocabulary and grammar that has not been presented in the lessons.
  • Verbs “ar,” “er,” “ir,” “ser,” and “tener.”
  • Verb “gustar”
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Spanish symbols & accents Quick Guide


This project includes an oral component. Record your voice to narrate the text you include in each slide.

2. When you have finished your project, go the Proyecto: Powerpoint de la Familia dropbox folder, and submit your document or submit a hyperlink to your online document.

Dropbox icon Proyecto: Powerpoint de la Familia dropbox folder

Rubric: PowerPoint de la Familia

1.oldest sis Deanna and i she is 43 a customer service supervisor for Delta Airlines she has four children and is married.

2 my oldest brother Tyrone and I he is 44 a cook at a restaurant he has eight children LOL

3 my godson Tyron and I he is 2

4 my sister Keisha and I she is 37 and a sheriff
5 my mom and I she is a retired hair stylist and is currently working as a minister of Music in the church
6 me I am 27 I am a part-time Casino Poker Banker a full-time student I love singing
7 my dad and I he is a retired home contractor and realtor
8 my sister Rosalind and I she is 34 she is the receptionist for PSTA she has one son and she loves to sing

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