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Quiz 4 Extra Credit: Real-world Assignment of Weighted Average Calculations

Calculate your grade so far in class using the following:

· Discussions 1 to 3

(means I got 15 out of 15)


· Quiz 1 w/EC


· Quiz 2


· Quiz 3 w/EC


· Mini-case


Midterm Exam


Your grades for the above assignments are available on Blackboard. You can refer to our syllabus for the course grade weights which are as follows: each

discussion is worth 1%,

each quiz is worth 6%,

mini-case is worth 6%,

midterm exam is worth 26%

You must support your answer by showing your working notes using excel. No credit will be allotted if you do not show your working notes using excel. You must upload a .xls or .xlsx file.

Upon succesful completion, one point will be added to your Quiz 4 score.

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