need help answering human resources questions

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Answer the following questions:

1) Why do you think the number of age discrimination claims is
increasing? Do you think it will continue to increase as the workforce
ages? Why or why not. (100+ words per question)

2) In these economic times, some organizations have had to cut jobs while
some industries can’t find enough employees to fill open positions and
are actively recruiting workers. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of hiring workers when many industries are cutting jobs
and workers?(100+ words)

3) Do you think that there will be more employment of individuals with
disabilities in the workforce in the next five years? Why or why not? (100+ words)

4) If your employer asked you to review the decision not to hire an African American applicant for a job, what would you need to consider?

5) If you became a new manager at a restaurant with high employee
turnover, what actions would you take to increase retention of

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