Risks Insurance Cover

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George and his partner are both age 42. George just started a new job after being unemployed for over a year. Nancy works part-time in a dental office. They have one child, Lisa, age 18, who is a sophomore in college. They own a residence on the water, where they keep their boat and watercraft. They also have three dogs and a cat.They have three cars, one of which is with Lisa at college. They like to cross country ski in the winter and go boating and waterskiing in the summer. Nancy volunteers with a local 501C organization and sits on the board. George is a volunteer fireman as well as being an avid boater. George collects and restores antique furniture. Lisa is a good student. She is enjoying being off at college and doing things with new friends. Lisa called last week to say she and some friends are planning to drive to Florida for spring break. Just with this small amount of information, there should be several red flags that you and the family will need to explore. Given the facts above,

what are the major risks that George and Nancy face?

What types of Insurance should George and Nancy have?

How would their insurance coverage address the risks you identified?

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