Why do states obey the law.

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Using ONLY the sources from my course (NO OUTSIDE SOURCES PLEASE), including the textbook and journal articles, write an 8-page (double-spaced, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman) paper answering the question below. You need to incorporate proper citations including direct quotations where applicable ALONG WITH PAGE NUMBERS. You also need to correctly cite ARTICLES and POWERPOINTS.


Why do states obey the law? There are generally two different approaches to this question: instrumental and normative. Discuss the differences between these two approaches and how they apply to the question of state compliance with international law. Use cases and examples from BOTH the readings and lectures of the course. DO NOT COPY PASTE FROM THE LECTURES OR THE BOOK. If you need to include paragraphs from there, that’s alright, but please use CITATIONS along with page numbers.

You can find all the materials attached. These are the: powerpoint (1), articles (2), and pages from the book (5).

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