PUAD 710 managing personnel and information system

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This assignment must be complete by Tuesday ( 02/04/20 2.15 PM)

In this assignment, you will begin to undertake a more detailed assessment of the costs, benefits, and risks associated with the project. Specifically, you will begin completing an ROI and a business case analysis related to the project proposal.

One of the most important and challenging tasks in assessing IT projects is to determine the project’s return on investment (ROI). Essentially, ROI refers to the concept of trying to determine how much benefit or return the organization will obtain from successfully implementing a project in relation to the costs that will have to be incurred.

In this assignment, you will apply different approaches for assessing the ROI for your case project option. Completing the ROI will provide you with needed information as you complete the business case.

These recommended readings may be helpful as you begin this assignment:

  • Dawes, S.S., Kelly, K.L., Andersen, D.F., Bloniarz, P.A., Cresswell, A. M., and Galvin, T.J., Editor. (1996). Making Smart IT Choices: A Handbook. Center for Technology in Government: Albany, New York. p. 9-45.
  • Cresswell, A.M. (2004) Return on Investment in Information Technology: A Guide for Managers. Center for Technology in Government: Albany, New York. p. 5-22.


  1. Complete your required reading for this week and read the Overview of this assignment.
  2. Read the rubric for this assignment.
  3. Review the business case entitled The Columbus Public Library Case Study: Choosing Products, Meeting Expectations and Cost and Benefit Research Info provided by the email project task force at the CML. For additional background information, please refer to the attached documents: CML Media Fact Sheet, CML Organization Chart, and CML Strategy.
  4. Research and compare the following two options, and recommend one over the other. Option 1 – In-house: Hosting the technology in-house in the CML environment. Option 2 – Out-source: Contracting with the software company to host the technology in their environment. You will analyze the ROI by completing this ROI Analysis guide. Also complete a business case/cost benefit analysis for both options by using this Business Case Analysis guide.

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