Research Paper – APA format with 2-3 pages of content/body and minimum of 3 resources

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Prompt: How would social media affect the early adoption of eco-farming in the 1980’s if it was available in that time period? What are the different ways that it could be applied? Who would be the stakeholders? Provide detailed answers to these questions with applicable examples from sources. Provide your own thoughts and descriptions along with some hypotheses and analysis.

Your paper has to be 2-3 pages of content/body.

Please be sure to write in proper APA formatting (title page, abstract page, intro, content, conclusion, reference page). Use proper citations and sources. I want to see at least three sources in here (one can be the reading this week). These three sources need to be newer than 2015. You can have older ones as well but at least three need to be newer than 2015.

Remember your SafeAssign score has to be UNDER 10%! No exceptions to this! You can see the report when you submit it and if there are issues, fix them and resubmit! You will be reported to Academic Integrity and receive a 0 on the assignment if your score is too high.

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