Module 08 Written Assignment – Benefits and Drawbacks of a Web-Based EHR System

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Using your favorite web search engine enter the terms, “web-based EHR.”

Review at least three articles written by authors, including vendor statements.

Answer the following questions in a 2-4 page essay:

Identify at least three benefits of a web-based solution to an EHR. Why could this approach be better for a practice than housing their EHR onsite?

Identify and discuss at least two drawbacks to a web-based solution. What should providers consider before deciding if a web or cloud-based EHR would be best for their practices?

Finally, consider how using a web-based EHR would affect your disaster and contingency plans for a medical practice. What might be easier and what might be more difficult about having the medical information housed offsite in case of natural disaster or emergency?

Be sure to include identifying information for authors and sites visited in a Reference section of your essay. Your essay should be 2-4 pages in length.

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