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An interest rate and currency swap dealer confronts many different types of risk. Interest rate risk refers to the risk of interest rates changing unfavorably before the swap dealer can lay off on an opposing counterparty the unplaced side of a swap with another counterparty. Basis risk refers to the floating rates of two counterparties being pegged to two different indices. In this situation, since the indexes are not perfectly positively correlated, the swap bank may not always receive enough floating rate funds from one counterparty to pass through to satisfy the other side, while still covering its desired spread, or avoiding a loss. Exchange-rate risk refers to the risk the swap bank faces from fluctuating exchange rates during the time it takes the bank to lay off a swap it undertakes on an opposing counterparty before exchange rates change. Additionally, the dealer confronts credit risk from one counterparty defaulting and its having to fulfill the defaulting party’s obligation to the other counterparty. Mismatch risk refers to the difficulty of the dealer finding an exact opposite match for a swap it has agreed to take. Sovereign risk refers to a country imposing exchange restrictions on a currency involved in a swap making it costly, or impossible, for a counterparty to honor its swap obligations to the dealer. In this event, provisions exist for the early termination of a swap, which means a loss of revenue to the swap bank.

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