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Cognitivism and behaviorism are psychology movements that have important implications for viewing education and learning (Atkisson, 2010). Behaviorism consists of the study of behavior in order to verify the determinants since it uses mechanism like an essential metaphor. Behaviorism believes that the behavior is control by a finite set of laws that are physical. In behaviorism, there are four concepts which are the stimulating agency, the behavior-cue, the behavior-object and the behavior-act (Tolman, 1922). When it comes to behavioral psychology, the behavior of the human is observable and is studied in order to provide facts about the research done. Behavioral psychology consists of observational and descriptive research. On the other hand, cognitivism is considering as the response of behaviorism. Cognitivism uses information and mechanism processing as the main metaphors for explaining and clarifying new research and uncovering information. Cognitive psychology beliefs that mentalism is the primary feature since the mental energy control the behavior. The gap that exists between cognitive and behavioral psychology is that cognitive theorists believe that the changes of behavior are only base on the opinion or the belief we have concerning the behavior. The information provided about the cognitivism and behaviorism is very clear since there is the notable difference among both is notable. The difference on behaviorism and cognitivism focuses on the features of the mind and the behavior. Cognitive psychology mainly focuses on the mind. While, Behavioral Psychology focuses on the behavior.

Please respond to the above question using 150-250 word response. No references are needed unless you want to use them. if you do use them please cite and reference in APA 6th edition format.

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