EWRT D002 Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking

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The ebook “Signs of Life” is attached.

1. Select one product (no movie, television, or internet site yet) analyzing its past and current success, or lack of. Research three or more articles about your product, pro and/or con. Consider how consumerism and advertising (visual images/logos) relate to your product’s popularity, or not. Think of target audience (age, gender, race, sexual preference, culture, social status). You can explore your product’s background, market history, social influences, stereotypes, and what these reveal about our society today.

Then, write a three sentence analysis/summary for each of your three researched articles regarding your product including at lease one citation (quote or paraphrase) for each. Cite accordingly:

According to Karl Bliven . . ..” or “ . . . “ (Bliven). *Most online articles do not have page numbers.

*Note: Try to find articles that have an author. It helps greatly when putting together your Works Cited page.

2. After you complete the first part of your HW, using your three researched articles, construct a mini Works Cited page. See pp. 83-93(student Rose Sorooshian’s essay/Works Cited) and pp. 105-108 in SL for ideas, or check out Purdue OWL MLA.

Some examples of products are as follows: Levi’s, Toyota Prius, Gucci, McDonald’s, Nike, Barbie, Ralph Lauren, Red Bull Energy Drink, Beautiful Perfume, Victoria’s Secret, Apple Phone, Oreo Cookies, Miller Beer, Coca-Cola, . . . just to name a few. It can be almost any thing tangible.

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